VestaCP Hosting Templates

VestaCP provides a list of web templates templates. Each template has its own features. Below is a list of available templates and corresponding features:

  • default
    no additional settings, works well for most sites
  • basedir
    to fight against phpshells using openbasedir directive
  • hosting
    separate php limits for each domain (php_admin_value memory/safemode/etc)
  • phpcgi
    template to run php as cgi. can be useful to run php4 or php5.2
  • phpfcgid
    to php as fcgi (automatically installed on a server with > 1Gb of RAM)

There are some different templates for the nginx proxy. Below is an overview of these templates:

  • default
    serves static content, works well for most sites
  • hosting
    disable_symlinks directive to protect from symlink attacks
  • сaching
    dynamic pages are cached for 15 min to handle spontaneous traffic aka reddit-effect
  • force-https force users to https/SSL (can be installed manually)