Install Laravel Spark Using Homestead and Create an Application

If you want to use Laravel Spark and you are using Homestead, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Install Homestead
  2. Open a Vagrant SSH connection: vagrant ssh
  3. Add the Laravel Installer to composer: composer global require laravel/installer
  4. Navigate to the home directory cd ~
  5. Clone the spark installer directory git clone
  6. Run composer install
  7. Add this line PATH=“$PATH:/home/vagrant/spark-installer“ to the end of the file ~/.bashrc
  8. Reload .bashrc: source ~/.bashrc
  9. Register your token: spark register YOUR_TOKEN
  10. Check your Token by using the command spark token
  11. Create the Code directory mkdir ~/Code and enter it cd ~/Code
  12. Create your new Spark application spark new MY_APPLICATION